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Paulette Kucera

Art by Paulette Kucera


Paulette began her art career as a technical illustrator for a steel foundry in Portland, Oregon.  Shortly after moving to Sheridan, Wyoming, she discovered the art department at Sheridan College where she took all the art classes she could and earned her Associate of Art degree.  She operates a successful stained glass studio creating custom glasswork as well as pursuing a passion for fused glass.  Paulette also works in watercolor and oils.

Growing up in North Dakota, she learned to appreciate the beauty of the prairie landscape.  Rocky hills, yellow wheat fields and distant horizons are fascinating subjects and she loves the wide open spaces of Wyoming. Many of her commission pieces are landscapes reflecting her surroundings. Recently, she has been participating in figure drawing sessions on Saturday mornings and has translated some of her drawings into glass pieces. 

Working with fused glass is a test of patience as well as a real design challenge.  To some degree, you donít really know how different colors are going to work together or how the heat of fusing will affect the colors.  She needs also to know what she wants the final result to look like to decide on the firing temperature.  Then she starts the kiln and, hereís where the patience comes in, waits until the next day to see the results.

Paulette has studied at The Studio in Corning, NY; Bullseye Glass in Portland, OR; with Richard Parrish in Bozeman, MT; D & L Art Glass in Denver, CO.  She is always open to learning new techniques to work with glass that will allow her to express her joy in the medium and in the subjects she chooses.

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